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Our promise for a brighter world

We are taking action to ensure our Promise is fulfilled and driving tangible solutions to create change. Malnutrition Labels, an experiential initiative, was designed to spark conversation and shed light on the gaps in nutrition access, affordability, and acceptability. The Growing Distance, a short film, brings to life these critical gaps we see as barriers to good nutrition for all.

As we increase access to good nutrition by making it affordable and available to everyone, including the underserved or badly served, we want to do this in a way that People, Planet and Prosperity, all thrive together and not at the cost of each other. That is why we are making these promises, inspired by a guiding philosophy of ‘Sampo Yoshi’.


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  • Malnutrition Facts

    Malnutrition isn't specific to one city, one region, or one country. It is a silent, invisible epidemic that affects - directly or indirectly - everyone. We've decided to change that. Join us in igniting change.

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  • Meet the new leaders of the world

    Learn more about our promise to put people and planet at the heart of everything we do. Watch video now.

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