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Sunshine for All Cities Program Fights Food Inequality in Baltimore

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Continuing to take action on the goals outlined in the Dole Promise and help combat the global food insecurity crisis, we are bringing our Sunshine for All® Cities Program to Baltimore, Maryland. With the support of local organizations and community leaders, the program will build on the success achieved in Jackson, Mississippi, which launched in 2020 as a pilot program and has since provided 18,000+ people with access to healthy foods and nutrition and culinary education.

As a brand that is deeply committed to making the world a better place and bringing a little sunshine to all, we are excited to continue our work to address food insecurity in Baltimore. The global hunger crisis continues unabated, and Baltimore is no different. The city was selected because of its high rate of food insecurity – one in four Baltimore residents are food insecure, and one in every three children live in a food desert (areas that lack access to full-service grocery stores, farmers’ markets, and other vendors that sell nutritious fruits and vegetables).

Designed to bring healthy foods and nutrition education to those who lack access, we have partnered with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Baltimore to serve as the program’s hub. Acclaimed local chef and owner of The Urban Oyster, Jasmine Norton, will head up the culinary education program. 

We believe that it takes more than simply providing access to healthy foods to create a lasting effect on the community. The program will center around the Dole Kids Cooking Camp, which will consist of bi-weekly classes taught by Chef Norton at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Baltimore’s Webster Kendrick location (4130 Callaway Avenue). To equip kids to navigate the challenges of food insecurity and nutrition education, classes will cover basic cooking skills, healthy recipe preparation, and smart, budget-friendly grocery shopping and meal planning tips.

In the coming weeks, Sunshine for All will expand to include a farmer’s market offering affordable, locally grown produce and the distribution of nutritious smoothies. We are also funding a home orchard pilot in partnership with the Baltimore Orchard Project. 

We humbly acknowledge that we cannot make a difference alone, so we welcome any partners who share a similar passion to get involved in the program. Whether it be financial resources, shelf-stable food donations, or services, we invite local businesses to join in the fight to address hunger in the Baltimore area.

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